As promised, I will be writing more about my journey as an artist to integrate with my social media more, as I have been famously bad at the whole blog type thing for the entire 15 years I’ve been doing it, ever since those monthly updates on DeviantArt, I never fulfilled.

Still, I have to keep trying and since this is my full-time job at least until may, that might make it a bit easier. So, starting with the wrap-up.

In January I moved into my first me only flat. As in I am the only person who lives in it. As in I finally get my own fucking kitchen. While this has done wonders for my self-worth and motivation, the commute to work can still be hard when you are battling depression – even when it is only from your bedroom to your living room. Despite that, I’ve managed to produce some work over January and February – mainly studies – that bronze tier and above Patreons can now see. I have also produced the crystal heart illustration around valentines day, which was a great exercise in reflective materials, and enter March with two attractive WIPS under my belt to finish by the end of the week. I have also been grinding away at my twitch venture, and in February reached the required number of followers for twitch affiliate status. I am still needing the concurrent viewer stats but with growth and improvement happening pretty steadily, I am confident that I will be an affiliate before my Birthday.

In February I was also doing some concept artwork. I completed an art test for a small client of a herbologists study, which I can now share with you all.


Looking forward into March, the Phone wallpaper of the month will be a fanart piece and will be available on patreon for the bronze tier and above the week starting March 12th, 2018. The Desktop wallpaper of the month, available to silver tier and above, will be a key scene/ splash art type piece, and the subject matter is yet to be decided. I will be doing a themed request stream towards the end of the month.

The Fanart piece will also be available to buy as products from my society 6 store (society6.com/gernzy) and as giclee prints from my Etsy store (etsy.com/gernzy).

I am now on vero as @artbygernzy if anyone is interested in exploring that as a social media option.

I will be attending Teesside University’s International Women’s Day event as a stall holder and will be doing a live digital art portrait demo throughout the day.

This month on my youtube channel (youtube.com/artbygernzy) there will be an unboxing/review of my new Wacom tablet. There will also be a timelapse of the fanart portrait piece I am working on, and a timelapse of the gothic church landscape I have been doing live on Twitch.

So, that’s all for the roundup and schedule for the moment, I’ll see y’all at the start of April, which will be m Birthday month and as such I will have some surprises in store for you all 😉



This blog and my finished artworks are all available to see for free, as well my youtube videos. However, I still have bills to pay and would really appreciate any help and support. Please consider supporting me by signing up for exclusive content via Patreon.com


Alternatively, if you would just like to donate out of kindness, you can do so via my KOFI account or Paypal.








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