New Friday Office

This week involved getting a severe fire lit under my arse, and frequent visitors to the site may have noticed a major update, including a new web address – I have also dramatically updated the site visually and a back into hard work mode.

I have also moved into the Teesside Launchpad Co-lab office where I will be every Friday from 9-5. This gets me out of the house and allows me to interact more with the games industry around Teesside and Teesside University.

I am making plans to attend the games design section of the Great Exhibition of the North in Newcastle, but I will post more news about that when the event is closer.

In terms of Youtube this week, I will be uploading a short video about how I use photoshop, with a voiceover. I’ll also be uploading my unboxing and review of my Wacom Cintiq soon.

This week I am working on the gothic church environment painting, finishing off my Zelda fan art portrait, and developing some Japanese hair props.

gothic church

Stay tuned my dudes, and I’ll catch you next week!

This blog and my finished artworks are all available to see for free, as well my youtube videos. However, I still have bills to pay and would really appreciate any help and support. Please consider supporting me by signing up for exclusive content via


Alternatively, if you would just like to donate out of kindness, you can do so via my KOFI account or Paypal.





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