Back in The office (13/4/2018)

So I’m back and running again after the Easter break (which was delightfully chocolatey!). I had a great time seeing the family and taking a week to rest my tired wires! But I’m back at the desk now, although we’ll see how long for since the new windows update has taken photoshop and [redacted] it right up the [redacted].

In news this week – I’ve taken on some projects regarding floating castles that I will be working on this week, as well as the constant struggle to finish my personal illustrations (yes I still haven’t finished them stop judging me!) I’m also looking into which conventions I’ll be attending in the summer, and prepping some research and work for that.

In the meantime, I joined Shapr, which is kind of like Tindr for meeting other professionals so that’s been quite fun. I also started my windowsill veg/herb garden since the frost finally seems to have left us! Also, I got a  tiny cactus!

Hopefully, I will have more to report next week if it is as busy as this week has been! We shall see. I’ll be starting some business training with the prince’s trust next week also so more developments on that soon.


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