Weekly update 23/4/2018

Oops! I forgot to post a blog on Friday since I had a pretty exhausting week XD Ah well, here is a quick update now!

So I had a few issues last weekend, in that the new windows update threw my Cintiq out of wack about 20 minutes before i was due to leave to stay with my boyfriend for a week. So, I left hoping that there would be a fix update by the time I returned, and safe in the knowledge that my laptop did not have the update. So, while I fully intended to work over the week, I also forgot the charger for my Intuos, so that went out of the window.

However, the reason I was there so long in the first place was to attend the introduction to enterprise course with the princes trust in Middlesbrough. It was absolutely roasting (at least to my Northern English sensibilities) all three days, but I worked hard and completed the three day course. It was also a solid 40 minute walk each way so I very much exhausted both my social and physical reserves.

I think I would really like to write a piece about being an entrepreneur and freelance artist with social anxiety and depression, but I find it hard to put into words, so that is something that will have to be in the pipeline this week.

In the meantime, I’m going to be drawing some floating castles and studying hands and materials. Also obligatory I will finish the pieces that I’ve started (except I probably won’t :P)

So, we will see on Friday how far I’ve come from that statement!


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