Networking and Industry events – weekly blog 5/4/2018

With spring in full swing and summer following closely, it’s time myself and other design freelancers start considering events. I kickstarted my year with a few networking events, some focused internally in the building where my office is, and some at the local modern art gallery, meeting other local entrepreneurs and discussing aspects of business and working in the digital space. So it’s been a pretty interesting week, full of interesting people.

But this is just the start of things as far as the networking season goes, with animex coming up very soon and the prospect of going to one or two conventions – and with the increasing demand of “people” based events during these months, my anxiety does begin to ache a little. Well, a lot.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy being around people, and it is especially rewarding to be around people in my industry, it exhausts me completely, and I often find myself reconsidering my career path. It is a double-edged sword, as i very much enjoy being there in the moment, but the immediate before is filled with nervous tension and the immediate afterwards filled with exhaustion, and intrusive thoughts (did I offend/ say something weird to anyone). These are feelings that most creators have to come to terms with if they want to succeed in the freelance market, and it’s certainly not a walk in the park for most people, particularly introverts. But, it is incredibly rewarding, so I try to focus on that in-the-moment feeling – that thrill of meeting new people, of meeting people who challenge my perceptions of the industry I work in, and challenge my view of the world and help me to grow as a creator!

So, that is my thought for the week. On to content.

It’s now mermay, and I have been keeping up with that on my social media, which you can get to throw the header of the website. I will also be posting one timelapse of a mermaid painting per week throughout mermay so keep and eye on my youtube channel for those.The first – Moray Eel – is already available.

Also, I missed last week because it was my birthday. sorry, not sorry.

And that’s all for this week’s update – stay tuned for more from my exiting (lol) life!

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