Weekly Update – 11/5/2018

Woop Woop,


here we are in the second Friday in may, I’m excited for animex, particularly all the network events I am going to on Wednesday! If you’re around animex and want to hang out, just drop me a message on twitter @artbygernzy !

I’ve been keeping up with #mermay (sorta) nd you can see my lovely aquatic babies all over my social media feeds. I’ve also been dropping a mermaid painting timelapse on youtube every week in may so check those out on my youtube channel.

Since I’ve been working hard on Mermay and I’ve had some client work, I’ve got nothing new to show this week other than my mermaids, but stay tuned for some more fantasy painting!

As always, my patreon subscribers get access to plenty of behind the scenes work as well as access to the patreon only discord – so check that out right here.

Don’t forget to follow this blog for my weekly updates and other content, such as the guide to using support groups on facebook I’ll be writing this week.

Thanks my Lovelies,

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This blog and my finished artworks are all available to see for free, as well my youtube videos. However, I still have bills to pay and would really appreciate any help and support. Please consider supporting me by signing up for exclusive content via Patreon.com


Alternatively, if you would just like to donate out of kindness, you can do so via my KOFI account or Paypal.





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