Weekly Update 27/05/2018 – Recovery


another late blog. This is becoming an unfortunate habit, but it is typical fallout for me from having had a large social event. Sadly, though I greatly enjoy networking and social events, as someone living with depression and anxiety they do tend to drain me of energy completely, so I have taken a week away from the blog to recover a little.

I’ve also been rather ill, having had a tooth infection and needing to take some fairly aggressive antibiotics, but I am fortunately recovering form that too!

So, with my imminent health improvements looming, I am ready to write up my post – animex blog with gusto!

I went to a few networking events during animex, though I was unable to attend any of the workshops this year sadly. I started my Wednesday with Cake 21, an insightful look into the gaming and digital industries in the northeast. Also, there was real cake, so, bonus. I met some interesting people and reconnected with a few from my time at university. I went on to the Women in Games talk, and stayed there for most of the afternoon, in no small part owing to the abundance of pizza, but also the conversation. Not only was it a lovely insight into a few people’s experience in the games production industry, looking at working in a male-dominated environment, the hiring process, the role of women in the industry and of course representation in the media itself, it was nice to see some male representation at the event and even delightful to hear their support in the space. I tied the evening up with Game-Bridge at the Student Union, met some very promising concept artists in the process of their MA degree, handed out a lot of business cards before running off early for a reunion meal with my classmates from last year.

I can certainly chalk animex down as an exhausting, but jolly good time! And so on to the following week.

My twitch channel ran across two lucky events in two days, resulting in my impending affiliate invitation, I am very much looking forward to that. Seeing the growth in my channel resulting from effective networking and promotion is very gratifying.

I have also been lucky to take on a couple of freelance jobs in early June, so my prospects are once again looking hopeful and I am in good cheer.

My goals for the next few weeks are to continue with my twitch streaming, hopefully soon to host a celebration for my affiliate email. I will obviously be knuckling down with work for a few weeks, but I will also be participating in the “golden ticket” challenge on art station, which is focusing on Malta as an inspiration source so keep an eye on that.

I am also considering starting some new youtube ventures, but I’ll keep quiet about that until I am confident about the content.

As always, thanks so much for reading, and I shall catch you next week!


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