July! 7/9/2018

Maybe I should move these updates to Mondays? I seem to be a lot better at getting myself together on Mondays. Might be something to think about.

Anyway, Last update i was still knee deep in two projects, one of which has now ended ( and will hopefully be announcing in the next few weeks) and one is about to end, which means I’m back to mainly working on personal work and business outreach stuff. So here’s the plan for July.

I’m planning on entering the Character design Challenge this month, as the theme is baroque french aristocracy which is a design i really like. I’ll also be entering Atomhawk’s into the void challenge at the end of the month (I will be entering a key moment i think). I’ll also be doing Smaugust, which is a challenge in the same vein as Mermay where i will post a dragon image every day for the month of August (allegedly).


An ulterior motive for all this personal work is that I am really hoping to attend a convention this year and start trading prints. This would also tie in with the patreon overhaul i’m currently working on! I’ll be doing a soft relaunch of the patreon very soon with a hard relaunch in September-October coming up to whichever convention i decide to take on. This week’s video will be a time lapse of my Morning Sunlight Wolf painting, which you can find on my youtube channel 

The full length video will be available for download on my patreon for bronze tier and above patreons


Well, that’s about it for the updates, I’ll keep updating as best I can! See you next Time


Gernzy xx

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