A New Year’s Blog Entry

BlackBerry Fairy – 2018

Well 2018 was a hell of a start for my business, but it’s over now and this year is the real make or break. I have a free pass until November to work full time and my business needs to be hitting it’s strides by then

New Year Resolutions

One of my main goals this year is to decrease my desk time, or more specifically what I would call “dead desk time”. I think this is a quite popular concept this year particularly as new years resolutions are coming around but I will talk about it anyway. The idea is to reduce the amount of unnecessary desk time, such as eating at my desk and chatting at my desk in the office. I would like to say I’m going to go on 45 minute walks every day, but that is probably gonna be a bit more of a stretch.

Instead, I am promising myself to eat at least my lunch away from my desk (I would also like to take the time to establish a morning routine so I can take a shower and eat breakfast before heading into the office) and out of the office completely most days. We have a small common area where I can go and eat packed lunches, but I would like to go out for lunch with my partner if possible. Just getting away from the desk for 5 minutes an hour would be beneficial, even if just to annoy my office mate. So in general a cleaner, healthier lifestyle with hopes of not stagnating my working brain. I’ve been working on the pomodoro (tomato timer) system for a while now and I think this would be an added benefit.

Another goal is to up my Patreon and social media content, but then that’s nothing new, I’ve been promising monthly blogs since my Deviant art days and we’ve all seen how that’s gone. However, this is the first year where I am in a real office and don’t have university work to worry about, so hopefully things will look bright in that area too.

In General, I am feeling very positive about the new year. I have many goals that I won’t share here right now, however keep your eyes open for future developments with Art by Gernzy!

❤ Gernzy

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