Art by Gernzy was created by Heather Williamson, a professional freelance concept artist and Illustrator from the North West of England. Heather graduated from Teesside University in 2017 with a Masters Degree in Concept Art for Games and animation and has been working as a freelancer since Summer 2017.

Heather has been enamoured with fantasy and Sci-fi content since she was a child, and has retained this passion into her adulthood and professional career. Having also completed a BA in Fine Art and Illustration, she brings a theoretical element into her work, focusing on coding and semiotic language in the concept art industry and her own practise. Heather has bought this passion to Art by Gernzy, where she prides herself on her detailed world building skills.

Heather was born in Cumbria, in the North West of England. She has been focused on developing a career in the arts since primary school, and has moulded her education around attaining this goal. Gernzy is a nickname Heather has carried with her from childhood, and treasures as a unique and outstanding part of her identity as an artist as well as her visual style and love for fantasy and science fiction illustration. Heather’s passion for video games and film inspired her to pursue education and a career in concept art, and her love for further study and improvement was the basis for the forming of her freelance company Art by Gernzy.

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